1.    What is Autolign?

  • Autolign is orthodontic software to produce clear aligners and IDB devices

2.    How much is Autolign and is there annual fee to use Autolign?

  • You can contact us via diorco@diorco.co.kr for pricing of Autolign.

  • Autolign does not require annual fee. Also updates are free as well.

3.    How do I get a license key?

  • You can contact us via: Trial Request form (LINK) for 2 weeks free trial.

4.    How can I upgrade to the latest software version?

  • Autolign has Auto-Update function. Click ‘Autolign logo’ on top left corner of screen to update manually.

5.    Where can I find information about new features and updates

  • You will get popup window when update is applied and you may visit www.diorco.co.kr/product/autolign for list of
    all latest features that are included with the newest version of our software

6.    How often does Autolign updates?

  • Our team bests to keep up our updates in every 3 months of period.

7.    Where can I get support/help?

  • You may send us messages by Help Chat or send us direct email at diorco@diorco.co.kr for both technical issues and
    setup guidance.

8.    What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for Autolign?

  • Visit Minimum PC requirements for Autolign (DOWN) page.

9.    Does Autolign offer a 3D viewer?

  • Yes, you may only import project file to preview your scans and setups.

10.    Is Autolign cloud-base?

  • No, Autolign does not upload user’s patient data online. All data will be saved in your system.


1.    What are the benefits of Autolign and in-house aligners?

  • 1) Cost, you can save up to 70% of conventional aligner services

  • 2) You take control, no more receiving and tossing. You may fine tune your aligners for better results.

  • 3) Time-saving, you don’t have to wait for turnaround and refinements from your aligner services.

2.    Does Autolign can also produce Indirect-Bonding devices?

  • Yes, Autolign allows users to create your own IDB devices with our guide blocks on 3D model for both lingual and
    labial brackets.

3.    What brand/kind of brackets does Autolign supports?

  • Visit Bracket Library List (LINK) for more information.

  • You can send us 3D file of brackets or actual brackets to add them to our library.

4.    What kind of Attachment does Autolign supports?

  • Click Autolign Attachments Guide (DOWN) to check our attachments.

  • Like the brackets above, send us details of your desired attachment and we will add them to our library.

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